Support for the Sequal Trust

The Sequal Trust is a small national charity which provides augmentative speech aids for people who are affected in such a way that they are unable to mix socially, to interact fully with their family and friends or in the case of younger individuals properly facilitate their education or possible employment prospects.

We are delighted that our Rotary Club has just provided £800 of funding to the Sequal Trust to support an adult living in Bromsgrove who has communication difficulties and suffers from spina bifida and hydrocephalus and is paralysed from the rib cage down. He is a wheelchair user and has the support of carers.

The funding will provide the man with a new laptop and printer which will enable him to keep in touch with family and friends, record his own personal information, deal with correspondence, purchase items via the internet and provide him with a greater degree of independence. This will give the young man ‘his window on the world’ as it has been explained to our members.

We are pleased to partner with the Sequal Trust to provide support in this particular case.

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