Donation to charity in Kenya

The Rotary Club of Bromsgrove congratulates several members of our Interact Club who supported a student Rhys Aspland at South Bromsgrove High School in raising just over £250 by selling mince pies in the school. The money will go to a charity called ACEF (Akamba Children’s Education Fund). Rhys will travel to Nairobi in Kenya during 2020 with another family member to carry out work for the charity which supports access to education for many vulnerable children at Brainhouse Academy in a poor part of the country. Our Rotary Club has added a donation of £250 to the money raised by the students.

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New Member – Lori Rampal

Lori Rampal was inducted as a new Rotarian on 10 December 2019 by our President Tony Docherty during our Christmas Party held at Manor Hill House in Upton Warren. Many thanks go to our Treasurer John Teece for organising the party. Lori joins her sister Priya and father Amal at the Bromsgrove Club which is a fantastic family achievement and must be something of a record to be celebrated! A very warm welcome to Lori!

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Midlands Community Draw 2019

We are very pleased to announce that the Basement Project in Bromsgrove was our chosen good cause when the Rotary Club of Bromsgrove along with seven other Rotary Clubs decided to participate in the Midlands Community Draw this year. The Basement Project received £320 in charitable funds through the sale of raffle tickets. The prize draw for the top prize of £1000 will take place at 7pm on 27 November at a Rotary event in Solihull.

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Guatemala Literacy Project

The Rotary Club of Bromsgrove is delighted to be able to support the Guatemala Literacy Project with a donation of £200. With grant matching arrangements, our donation will become £500 with the support of Rotary District 1060. What is the GLP? The GLP is a network of individual Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and Districts, and the non-profit Cooperative for Education (CoEd), with a common interest in improving education for underserved students in Guatemala. Since 1997, over six hundred Rotary Clubs and eighty Districts around the world have participated in the GLP; in that time, 208,500 students have been helped to escape poverty through four sustainable programmes which are tried and proven to work.
The GLP was also recognized as “the gold standard of Rotary projects” by 2017-2018 RI President Ian Risley. Why Guatemala? Guatemala’s Central and Western Highlands exhibit one of the most extreme combinations of systemic poverty, illiteracy and inequality in the Western hemisphere. The indigenous largely Mayan populations that inhabit these regions suffer from malnutrition (rates which rank among the worst in the world), poor health outcomes, racism, high rates of illiteracy and low levels of educational attainment. Together, these factors virtually guarantee that the next generation will be no better off than the last.  The current grant aims to benefit 8500 children and their teachers to help them to escape their traditional cycle of poverty; four out of five indigenous Guatemalans live in poverty, and more than one in three cannot read or write.

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Donation for operation

We send every good wish to Amelia Hart and her family for Amelia’s operation which is due to be performed on 13 November to correct her scoliosis. Our Club is very pleased to have been able to donate towards the cost of the operation which is not available on the NHS. We hope that Amelia aged sixteen will soon be able to indulge her passion for playing football again!

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Celebrating the life of Helen King

Andy Wuzik and Ron Pearce represented the Club on 26 October at an evening to celebrate the life of Helen King one of the founding members of the Burnaid charity, which exists to support child victims of burn injuries and their families. Helen was involved with a number of Rotary Clubs and was for some time an Honorary Member of our Club. The event was organised by Burnaid and was held at the Tally Ho Club at the Police Training and Development Centre in Pershore Road Edgbaston. Helen passed away recently following a long and debilitating illness which she fought with characteristic positivity and strength. A number of Rotary Clubs were represented at the event, and Andy presented a cheque to Burnaid for just over £1500 which he raised with other musicians back in June at a Bluegrass music event in Bromsgrove High Street, which was supported by members of the Rotary Club of Bromsgrove. This was the third year running that Andy has made music to support Burnaid, and he is to be congratulated for his sterling efforts!!

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St John’s Church lit for World Polio Day

The Rotary Club of Bromsgrove in collaboration with the Friends of St John’s was able to get the church lit in purple for World Polio Day on 24 October 2019. The club was successful in raising £1000 as a result of the fundraising dinner held at the Maekong Thai restaurant on 22 October. This amount will become £3000 with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and will go to support efforts across the world to eradicate polio.

St John’s Church in Bromsgrove

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Crocus Bulb Planting World Record Attempt

On a very wet Sunday morning on 13 October 2019 members of our Club participated with the Rotary Club of Redditch Kingfisher in their attempt to set a world record for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. The event was an attempt to plant 12,000 crocus bulbs at Arrow Valley Park in Redditch in just one hour, which we achieved. The event was recorded on video and verified and witnessed in accordance with Guinness requirements. Amongst others, local RAF cadets and Rotaractors assisted with the planting. The event was staged in support of the international ‘End Polio Now’ campaign and World Polio Day which falls on 24 October this year. The event culminated in a vote of thanks by the Mayor of Redditch. In the first picture, Rotarian Priya Rampal is dressed in purple, which illustrates well the ‘Purple for Polio’ concept! Only three countries still have polio victims, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The fight to eradicate polio continues with the support of Rotary International, the World Health Organisation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!! Thanks to our Club members Amal, Priya, Tony, Mu, Ray and Ron for supporting the event!

Pictured left to right are Past District Governor Gary Dancer, Assistant District Governor Amal Rampal, Rotarian Ray Sinclair and Rotarian Priya Rampal
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Interact Supporting New Life Band at South Bromsgrove High School

Members of the South Bromsgrove High School Interact Club were front of house and instrumental in helping to raise £472 at a concert at the School on 26 September for the benefit of the school in Tanzania, which is the Interact Club’s chosen international project. The school orchestra performed in the first half of the concert, and the New Life Band took to the stage for the second half. One Interact Club member was busy too sorting out the sound and lighting! Congratulations to our Interactors!!

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